Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hack Into Gmail And Facebook Using Kali Linux!

1. Open the backtrack terminal use the ifconfig command to find your IP address.

2. On the terminal type cd /pentest/exploits/set

3. You will need to have the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) for this one.

4. Start this us and then choose the second option, which says ‘Website Attack Vectors’.

5. In the next part, you have to select the fourth option, which says ‘Tabnabbing Attack Method’.

6. Choose the second option, which is ‘Site Cloner’.

7. Now you have to enter the URL of the website that you want to clone or hack into. In this case the URL will be The SET will automatically create the clone. Press enter in order to continue.

8. The URL now needs to be converted into the Google URL. For this use and send the link address to you’re the person you want to attack. This you can do in a myriad number of ways like email, chat etc.

9. When your victim will open their internet browser for Gmail, they should get a message saying that the page is still loading. As soon as they open a new tab, the fake clone that we made will start functioning.

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