1. jquery - jquery and other programming sample

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1. freebiesgallery Free beutiful graphic source, psd button, form, navigtion, calendar, under construction template, logo template, icon, object, patterns, texture ...
2. ourtuts Best Wordpress themes, Corporate Logos for inspiration, Anotomy of business card, video toturial on html5 ...
3. designmodoUnder contruction template, Free PSD Template, Breadcrumbs Web Design Examples and Best Practices, Twitter Bootstrap – Out There To Accelerate Your Projects, Free and Premium Weather Forecast Icons Sets ...
4. 1stwebdesigner - Coding, Freebies, Inspiration, Tutorials, Web Design, WordPress
5. tab generator -  

IT Support , Networking , Unifi
1. athena  his is the website of the unofficial HSBB (Unifi) "handbook". I will be posting advanced articles and guides over here regarding the Unifi service. It is a compilation of knowledge that we at's broadband discussion forum have acquired since the official launch of the service in March 2010. If you are already a Unifi user, this website will allow you to get the best out of your high speed broadband connection. If you are a potential Unifi user, this website contains information that you probably do not know about since it is not available on any other official websites. :).

Search Engine
1.  a free search engine through Al-Quran in Bahasa Melayu.

1. Duit Internet Halal -   a free tips to get extra money online.

Download opensource script
AD scripts
1.  openx : - For publishers to maximize their advertising revenue, they need to precisely target the delivery of advertising to the right audience, at the right time. An ad server platform must provide an easy way to describe a target audience, and then deliver ads to that audience with pinpoint accuracy. And since every business has different ways of describing their audience, an ad server should flex to accommodate different targeting methodologies.

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